Henry’s Story

Henry’s Story

winnipeg dentistThe mouth is the gate where people get all the bacterias from because of the food we eat and it gets stuck, these tiny living organisms are everywhere teeth, gums, lips
and tongue. As our mouth is a busy place it is obvious that we have will have bacteria through food we eat but having bacteria is normal and can be very harmful but at
the same time helpful also. It gets attached to your enamel that covers your teeth. Dental cavities are holes in our teeth resulting from acid attack. If these bacteria is not removed
they can cause to multiply and build a colony. If its not treated timely this could be painful and might cost a lot. Henry used to eat a lot of sweets, candy and have juice all the time
finally when visited a Winnipeg dentist because of teeth pain.One day he walked by a Dentistry and realized he probably should get an appointment from the Dentist. The Dentist asked him to avoid all these sweets for special occasions only because he had dental cavity. Some things are really
easy to avoid if proper precautions are taken before hand.

Eating sweets is sometimes pleasurable but with-out proper oral care it can be costly. The next time you choose to eat sweets stop and think about your teeth! All Smiles Dental Centre making your smile the right smile!

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Aging and Dental Health

Aging and dental health

aging-dentalHealthy teeth are critical for everyone, regardless of age. Although aging does make the teeth

weak and more prone to decay but still it is possible to avoid the dental issues by taking proper
care of oral health. There are some changes that takes place in the mouth when people age,
like the gums begin to shrink, less saliva is produced which is important to keep the teeth clean
and the nerves become smaller, making teeth less sensitive to cavities and other problems.
Dental decay, gum disease, poor fitting dentures and dry mouth are the most common dental
problems observed among older people.
Therefore, by eating nutritious diet, regular dental exams, maintaining healthy lifestyle and
adopting good oral habits, one can prevent the dental problems that can occur due to aging.
Dentists can educate about oral health and when visiting a dentist in Winnipeg, here are some
suggestions that might be given:-
Brushing teeth twice a day
– If wearing dentures then remember to clean them daily
– Floss daily
– Quit smoking – as smoking can increase the risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay
  and tooth loss
– Keep mouth moist
– Watch for any signs of dental problemsall smiles dental centre

Thank you to All Smiles Dental for this helpful information!